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Her Voice SOARS

Her Voice SOARS

Her Voice SOARSHer Voice SOARS

Approved Doctors and Psychologists


Dr. Wendy Warner, MD, Medicine in Balance

Wendy is a holistic doctor with a medical degree that is genius in treating autoimmune diseases that arise after trauma, one being severe adrenaline fatigue and thyroid issues.  She offers meditation classes, yoga for trauma, qui gong classes and much more.

940 Town Center Drive

Suite F-90

Longhorns, PA 19047

(215) 741-1600

Dr. Charles Zeider

Author of "The Clinical Christ," Dr. Charles Zeider is a forensic psychologist, tauma expert, and practices psychology.

Contact Dr. Zeider via phone (610) 653-0151 or email drzeiders@drzeiders.com

Alternative medicine


Laurie Van Valkenburgh

Laurie Van Valkenburgh uses a variety of treatment modalities to help her clients heal and release unwanted energies and toxins. Laurie is trained for Quan Yin Healing, Reiki Levels I & II, Foot Reflexology, Shiatsu, Macrobiotic Counseling, and advanced levels of training in Shin Tai, including, Structural Alignment, Central Channel Activation, Cranial-Sacral, and Myofascial Release.


(267) 566-6056

Soaring Crane Healing Arts

Shifting patterns of light and information

Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, Matrix Energetics, Bach Flower Therapy

(215) 741-1600


Langhorne, PA

Talk Touch Transform: The Rubenfeld Synergy Method

Combining touch, talk, movement and humor for personal growth

Lori R. Schlosser, PhD, Certified Rubenfeld Synergist

(215) 696-0567




Holistic Nutrition: Kristin Tomlinson, CL.N

Clinical Nutritionist and Holistic Health Coach

(215) 589-0757