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Her Voice SOARS

Her Voice SOARS

Her Voice SOARSHer Voice SOARS

Mission Statement

A podcast driven to give women a platform to share their stories, resources to educate and hope to thrive by diving into the complicated dynamics of abuse.  Looking at the methods and strategies we can use to find light and healing in the darkness.

Meet Joy, podcast host


Hello beautiful people! I’m so excited to introduce myself! My name is Joy. I am a 46 year old single mother of 3 grown, outstanding children.

I have a passion for writing and an even bigger passion for helping women find their voice.

Abuse has been the enemy that has tried to kill, steal and destroy not only myself, but every woman in my family. I am so grateful to God for giving me the strength to overcome and escape that insidious life. I pray that this podcast will be a fierce tool to help others that may still be in the cycle of abuse.

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